Lovely teeth - healthy teeth

CoverNice teeth - is today a required attribute for a successful contemporary man. To keep a teeth longer remain fine and healthy learn How do I care for them. Dental service is composed of two components: the permanently home upkeep and systemic visits to the dental office.Special home careThe general item regularity. Brushing a teeth need be every day twice a day at least, and preferably later any meal prima. The process for cleaning a teeth must finish no less than three minutes. Do not forget to go through all the free surfaces of the teeth. Read more -->

Dental floss

MaskInterdental space critically right-cleaned, using alone a brushing. So you should a dental floss (dental floss). These filaments can be with or without fluoride, with a tasting of menthol mint whether, in short, for any tasting.A visit to a dentistGoing to the dentist, you should not only when you notice in the Zubkov new hole. If a gums are prone to bleeding, formed on the teeth tartar, or just a teeth react badly to get too cold or candy foods, be sure to go to a dentist.Visit a dentist recommended 2 times a year. When viewed from a professional dentist removes tartar with an ultrasonic handpiece. It does not hurt. Read more -->

How to brush his teeth, toothbrush

CoverDoes the toothbrush? Or It is possible to buy any, just to possess anything to brush a teeth? Even best toothpaste is unlikely to help your teeth, brush if chosen right - and in fact, a lot of people buy a brushing, guided by its price and even color - green, with reds - and not its dental characteristics. The brushing want be tough enough - however it will come off perfect plaque, mild brush is required when a gums are too sensitive and often bleed, but in this case, a issue must be solved - bleeding gums certainly suggests about disease. No request to buy a brushing with a big cleaning head - it is not more efficient, a electric toothbrush does not ever keep to prefer a usual - it is great for kids and the elderly, however when brushing the teeth can put less effort. Ultrasonic brushes are a most active for today - they kill bacteria, not alone on a teeth, but as well under a gums. However, no question as great a toothbrush, it is indispensable to replace it at least once in 3-4 weeks.Resembling articles:Mask Masks and face care combination faceCover Facial skin leaving to avoid acneCover Skin care folk methods. . Read more -->

Deksalgin - pills for toothache

CoverDeksalgin toothache may stay within 30 minutes after administration, and is active approximately 5 hours. For very severe pain it does not apply, and is contraindicated in the elderly, infants, pregnant women, people with diseases of the stomach and asthma sufferers. This medicine may cause allergies.Resembling articles:Cover Face upkeep to avoid acneMask Face care face is very dryMask Skin care winter. . . . Read more -->

Brushing the teeth to their heartiness

CoverSo as do you brushing a teeth? If no problems, so just clean them well as it want be - in a morning and evening, and at night it is necessary to do the best. We, on a contrary, polish your teeth in a first when you keep to go to work and look great, and in the evening we clean hit or miss (and sometimes forget), and Buchan's sleep, however a force is alone enough to have to bed. Bacteria also have accumulated for the day, do not go to sleep - you are all night feasting and multiply actively, managing to bring a teeth in a satisfying lots of damage - and this has happened repeatedly.Right chosen toothbrush want be slightly convex, with a prominent relief bristles and need not be too mild, but tough, too: it should be tough enough to prevent a formation of plaque and tartar. If the gums are sensitive, and a enamel of a teeth is damaged, It is possible to buy a baby brush and seriously address the dental therapy, contact the person: enamel want be in order.Change the brushing should be no less than once every 3 months - if you brush the teeth three minutes a day, but if you limit brushing teeth in the satisfying and evening, it is potential and each 5 months, although it is perfect to often. Sanitize your toothbrush does not hurt: it may be washed in a decision of salt or hydrogen peroxide, however rightly so to keep out of direct sunlight - the bacteria do not survive.Alike posts:Mask Facial skin care tips beauticianCover Facial after 50 yearsCover Facials and masks winter. . Read more -->

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